“Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

We Now Offer Reflexology



Reflexology with Brooke

Something Brooke offers that other reflexologists may not is a foot soak with all premium treatments. These are all natural and vegan friendly. They are made from a variety of salts, essential oils, herbs, flowers and powders. This is a great way for your body to soak up minerals and add some extra relaxing “you time” into your appointment. Brooke also provides a little oil massage after both premium and basic sessions.

Pure bliss  – 80 mins
An all natural foot soak, followed with reflexology treatment then foot oil massage. After the foot massage your feet will be wrapped in warm towels. Here I will leave the room, you will continue to relax on the heated massage table while I play a meditation I created. All meditations will be approximately 10-15mins long.

Premium Treatment – 65 mins 
Enjoy a hand made foot soak at the beginning of your appointment for 5 mins of “quiet you time”. These soaks are full of beneficial essential oils, salts & herbs. You will have a couple to choose from. The soak will follow with your 1h treatment and end with an oil massage. The massage length varies and will depend on how much time is left at the end of your appointment after working through all your reflexes.

Basic Treatment – 60 mins 
Basic treatments dive right into the session. All the reflexes in each foot will be worked. The treatment will follow with an oil massage. The length of the massage varies per session and per client. It will be based on how much time is left after working all your individual reflexes.




Reflexology with Jess

Immense relaxation of the nervous system through stimulation of nerve endings in the feet releases endorphins which encourages feelings of well-being detoxifies the body improves the immune system and hormonal systems of the body and more adding in digestion and promote sound sleep reduces stress and anxiety bringing balance to the systems helping with fertility pregnancy and labour and helps with pain management clear sinuses and helps with the effects of cancer treatments and so much more

Scalp Massage with Jess – 60 mins
Indian head massage includes massage and pressure work on the back shoulders arms and neck scalp hair and face it includes optional hair oil treatment and face mask. It’s fabulously stimulating and calming it stimulates the blood flow to the brain promoting circulation in and around the head and shoulders and alleviates headaches and back pain it also helps to detoxify the body improve concentration and can help sleep problems promoting hair growth and it helps renew energy levels

Combination Treatment, Scalp & Feet – 90 mins
The head to toe combination treatment this is an hour and a half long treatment that incorporates both Indian head massage and foot reflexology this is his superiors and treatment and the place is your body into a richly meditative state for optimal self balancing and healing.

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