Brooke Meredith

Brooke Meredith

RYT, Blissfully Barefoot

I’ve always had a passion for the health and wellness field. At 18 I took my level one reiki training. When I was 19, I graduated my 200h yoga teacher training. Then I moved on to study reflexology. I love learning about these fields and I can’t wait to take more training in other areas to provide my clients with additional services. I love helping others feel their very best.

I took my training with one of Ontario College of Reflexology’s teachers Cathrin Kotovos in London ON. I had to do 70 practicums as part of my schooling so I’ve been taking clients since the late summer of 2019. I Officially graduated December 10th 2019. As a member of OCR I’m permitted to give receipts for those with benefits and or health spending accounts if you have coverage for reflexology. Note some companies will group reflexology under other things like massage if you don’t see it specifically listed you may still be covered for it.

I always enjoyed and preferred to be barefoot ever since I was a kid. After teaching yoga for a bit and taking my reflexology schooling I decided (after a long time of contemplating names) to brand to “blissfully barefoot”. I decided on this actually after my mom suggested it. She said “it was very me”. It became my final decision because it was very fitting for both services I offered and I wanted something that connected a part of myself to my business name. I’ve always had a passion and love for health and wellness. From a young age I valued things like what went on my skin and I loved helping others. I began my yoga journey at 16 falling in love with how the practice was so mind/ body focused and the endless benefits. I became a level 1 Reiki. At R&RMTs I use to teach yoga, but am doing strictly reflexology with modifications to include all of my courses.

I currently also work at the lovely Azalea yoga studio as a yoga instructor and reflexologist for Tavistock area. This is also where I offer a ton of workshops. Before the pandemic I was teaching a few styles of hot and non hot yoga at various locations.

My favourite part about reflexology is being able to help my clients out with what they’re needing. Making connections to people and connections from their present problems to the foot reflexes. People are usually surprised as to what you can sometimes tell or find in the feet that’s happening in the mind or body.

From my experience there’s many that do but also many that don’t. Often those working for larger companies will have coverage for it. Sometimes you will have to collect it through your health spending account.


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