Kate Waymouth

Kate Waymouth

ince 2017, I’ve been helping my clients to find space for themselves in their busy lives and to take measurable steps towards their optimal wellness. Through developing a deeper understanding of habits and lifestyle choices, making changes doesn’t have to be difficult.

I am a multi passionate person who will never stop learning. This is why I offer a variety of complimentary services all aimed at helping to ease your nervous system, release the tension that this life can so often leave us holding, and find a habit that helps you to feel ready for what the world has to offer you.

My Services Include:
Aromatherapy Massage
Symphony of the Cells™
Ionic Footbath (detox)

As a certified Refelxologist with the Ontario College of Reflexology I am able to provide receipts for those with personal health care benefits and/or health spending accounts where reflexology is accepted. Note: some companies will group reflexology under other things like massage, if you don’t see it specifically listed you may still be covered. It’s definitely worth looking into.

Essential Oils have been an integral part of my journey. No matter what kind of session you choose I have incorporated the use of essential oils that will be chosen very specifically for you. You don’t need to know anything about them or even what your needs are, the oils seem to have a way of finding their way to you. If you have interest in a deeper experience of what the oils have to offer, booking a Symphony of the Cells™ in addition to a massage is a deeply soothing and effective treatment.

It’s time to start nourishing your body and your soul again. Keeping it simple is what makes it doable, and that’s my specialty. Self care used to seem like a luxury or a special “treat myself” thing but I have come to realize what an important necessity it is. I will only ever have one mind and only one body and it’s up to me to take care of myself. I have big plans to be enjoying this life to its fullest for many years to come.


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