Infant Massage Workshop Series


“There is nothing like a newborn baby to renew your spirit and to buttress your resolve to make the world a better place.”

– Virginia Kelley

NEW! Infant Massage Workshop Series with Dayna

Who: Moms/Dads/Caregivers of new babes (newborn – 6 months)

What: Learn how to safely and effectively massage your little one in my 2 part workshop!

Why: Constipation & gas, improve feeding, Colic, relaxation, interact with baby, introduce touch

When: TBA on social media and email campaigns (5 spots available in each session)

Where: R&RMTs – 513 Dundas St 

Price: $40 tax included for the Series 

* Massage is for EVERYONE! Including our little ones.  Learning how to massage baby can help you help them with anything from gas and constipation to colic to just simply helping them relax and enjoy a nice (little) massage! I can also help with identifying potential tongue ties and connect you with resources for babe to help get them feeding better. (please note: I cannot and will not diagnose this, but rather help connect you to proper practitioners if we think this might be something your baby is showing signs of) Make sure to dress your baby in something that is easy to take off and put back on. Also we may be using oils or lotions so please let us know if your baby has any allergies or sensitivities. We only use hypoallergenic products however it is always good to know.

**Ideally baby is anywhere from newborn – 6 months. Come on out and meet some new parents and socialize with someone other than your baby! All you need is yourself and baby! For this setting one-on-one is best, but if you are interested in bringing a partner or caregiver we can chat about a private class!! 

*** This CAN be covered by extended health benefit plans! 

****While this class will be structured to help learn and engage with you, it also is entirely up to baby and their schedule in terms of cooperation – if they need to fill up their bellies or change bums or snooze, whatever the case may be, take any breaks baby might need! We can warm up a bottle or store bottles in the fridge!  

***** There is NO stroller parking, sorry! We have a small space to work in and there is not room for everyone to bring their stroller so I kindly ask that you bring baby in without the stroller.  If you need help carrying baby in, I am MORE than happy to help you!! 

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