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Rebecca Kitchen, RMT, AP

Rebecca has been an Registered Massage Therapist for over 6 years now, she also specializes in contemporary Acupuncture where she focuses mostly on pain. Rebecca graduated from D'Arcy Lane Institute of Massage therapy in June 2007 and was registered directly after.

She completed the course at McMaster University for Contemporary Acupuncture in December 2010, working with many great health practitioners who have worked with a variety of different athletes and pain conditions. The main focus of the type of acupuncture Rebecca uses is to decrease pain and maintain or regain muscle and nerve function to the body. This type of acupuncture works well in conjunction with massage therapy to help stretch the tissues and bring circulation back into the area to help flush out the toxins that may have been released in the tissue that were trapped from injury.

Rebecca has also taken myofascial release courses, doula support (to help increase the effectiveness of pregnancy massage and help to show the partner of the mother how to help during labour.) Rebecca has partnered up to teach a workshop on Comfort Measures for childbirth, she is working with a doula who has some experience who is also a yoga instructor. This course helps to teach partners how to use eachother for support during labour and maximize comfort while decreasing pain significantly. This workshop is partnered up with Radiant Health Yoga in Woodstock.

In January 2015 Rebecca took the Contemporary Cupping Therapy Course in Vancouver BC. She can do full body cupping for several different purposes. The most popular purpose being pain from fascial restrictions, inflammation, scar tissue from either injury/ surgery or repetitive use. Cupping can also help with cellulite, blood flow/circulation, decreased swelling and increased lymphatic drainage anywhere in the body and she has extra certification on Cupping Facial Rejuvenation.

Completed assessment courses allow Rebecca to use these skills to find the source of the pain, whether it be from where the pain occurs or further from the source. Indian Head massage includes some ear reflexology, these techniques help with stress, anxiety, headaches, sinus congestion, neck and jaw pain as well as just to simply relax and decrease the tension that accumulated in the muscles of the scalp.

Rebecca has worked in physiotherapy clinics, a naturopathic clinic, a hospital and with a chiropractor, she is aware of how all other health practitioners work together and refers to others when necessary.

Dayna Vyse, RMT

Dayna has been with us for over a year and a half and has shown great enthusiam for her new career. She was in the first graduating class from Fanshawe College in April 2016 and was registered in August 2016. With a huge heart for animals and a particular interest in expanding knowledge and skills in prenatal massage, she is incredibly excited to join Rebecca's team. Learning has always been a passion of Dayna's, so she is looking forward to the opportunity to learn along side Rebecca and other Rmt's.

She also plans on fuelling her passion for learning by taking courses to specialize in prenatal and infant massage and myofascial release. Being very laid back and outgoing, she is thrilled to start this adventure and couldn't imagine a better team of Registered Massage Therapists to have as role models!
Dayna has been continuing to learn since working with Rebecca and Stephanie and can now offer full body cupping including facial cupping, indian head massage and a more specific TMJ massage to help loosen jaw muscles and decrease clicking, popping and headaches. She has been improving her skills and gaining experience as well as keeping active in the community volunteering at the alzheimer walk for memories, United way activities and other local charities. If you are interested in booking an appointment with her you can contact her directly or book online.

Stephanie Ewing, BA, RMT

I am a graduate with honors from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. I graduated in June of 2011 and have been practising ever since. My first degree was in social work from the University of Waterloo, which I graduated from in 2005. I have completed a certificate in Pregnancy Massage through Trimesters Massage Therapy Education, an introduction course to cranio-sacral therapy from The Cranial Therapy Centre, Cupping massage from the College of Acupuncture, and therapeutic ultrasound through the National Wellness Institute of Education.

I became a RMT for many reasons! My initial interest in massage therapy came from my own experience. I had seen an RMT regularly when I was in university as a stress management tool and again for muscle injuries when I was a Salsa dancer/instructor. I began to learn about the holistic approach to health and the ability to help people manage pain, stress, injuries and prevent future issues through manual therapy. My interest and experiences in life brought me to massage therapy. I truly love my career and will continue to learn and grow to insure I provide
 the best treatment I can. 



Amanda Ryan RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

 Starting the end of June 2018 we will be welcoming Amanda Ryan RYT200 to our Team. Amanda completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training through Soul Vibrations Yoga,and is registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance (June 2018). She has also completed 50 hours of prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training through Mamata Yoga. 

Amanda has been attending yoga classes here in the community for the past 7 years, with a love for Yin and Hatha classes. However, when her son Harrison was born in November 2016, attending Baby and Me yoga classes with him is what set her goals in motion. She realized that women in our community needed more support. Support to conceive, support to ease fear, pain, discomfort and anxiety during pregnancy and birth, as well as support during the postnatal period. 

After having experienced a complicated birth, struggles to breastfeed, and postpartum depression; Amanda set her sights on creating a community of women here in Oxford County who could support one another through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Her prenatal and postnatal yoga classes have more of a community feel, rather than just 60 minutes of yoga and then parting ways. She prides herself on not only providing a safe and effective form of exercise; but on building relationships within the community.

In the future, Amanda would like to be certified in fertility yoga, couples yoga and toddler and me yoga.

“ Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit” 

226-338-9623    Email:                                                                          


Ashley Fararr Pilates, Essentrics and Meidtation Instructor

Ashley has always liked to move. From a young age she was an avid dancer, a
competitive soccer player, and a dabbler in various outdoor activities. In
her early 20s, Ashley began experiencing chronic pain that often left her
feeling exhausted and unable to participate in her favourite activities. In
her early 30s, she experienced a devastating loss when her beloved mother
and uncle were killed in a car accident. Two years after that, her father
died suddenly from an unknown medical condition. These experiences resulted
in a drastic increase in Ashley's physical pain, as well as the emotional
pain of grief and anxiety. In a quest to regain her sense of wellbeing,
Ashley began a journey of healing. Through regular movement and meditation,
Ashley learned how to better listen to and respond to her body's needs.

Ashley completed Mat and Standing Pilates certification through the
PhysicalMind Institute Canada, Level One Essentrics® certification through
The Esmonde Technique, Essentrics® and Level One Meditation Teacher
training (using the principles of iRest Yoga Nidra) with the Internal Peace
Initiative. Anchored by the philosophy that all bodies are good bodies,
Ashley is passionate about sharing her experiences in strengthening the
mind-body connection, building strong communities, and bringing mindful
movement to every body.

Ashley offers a compassionate and collaborative movement experience in an
inclusive environment that will increase your mind-body connection. Classes
are designed to focus on precision and quality of movement, while building
endurance, strength, flexibility, and stability.

To contact Ashley Directly to sign up for class and for payment here is her infomation

email: phone:519-533-8606                                                           


Jenna Standish, RHN


Jenna Standish attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and graduated as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in November 2016. She will be joining our team this July running lunch time workshops where she will share tips, tricks, recipes and food samples!

 She is passionate about taking a body, mind, and spirit approach to helping her clients and recognizes that everyone is unique. Once she understands her clients main concerns, she is able to address symptoms and uncover the underlying reasons behind them. Jenna provides dietary, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations that will address those underlying symptoms and promote balance and harmony in the body.

Although Jenna knows that there is a time and place for western medicine, she is a big believer in preventative care. Jenna is passionate about helping anyone, male or female. As a woman though she has set an ultimate goal to help women heal their relationships with themselves so that they can be their best self for their families. She is a mother of a beautiful little girl born in June 2017, and Jenna’s biggest wish is that she will grow up with positive body image and self esteem, know how to fuel her body, mind and spirit and trust her intuition, and most importantly to love herself and be happy.  

 Jenna has a special interest in personal development, digestive issues, and anything involving fertility, pregnancy and post-natal health and fitness. 

 Jenna cannot wait to share her holistic nutritional knowledge with you in the near future! 

 Contact Info: phone: 519-421-5322 email:                                     



Suze Farkas Aromatherapist


Suze is passionate about healing your body and taking care of your mind and soul. She believes that every person should take time to relax, especially in a more fast paced environment. She is a mom and wife who loves to make time for her family by partaking in arts and crafts, watching movies or baking. She finds her zen moments to be those of making her own line of personal care products, using natural and organic ingredients.

Suze graduated from the Institute of Aromatherapy in 2015 and uses essential oils and organic herbs in her treatments and everyday life. Since then she has taken many courses to further enhance her practice to provide her clients with the best service and is continuing to further her education by providing new treatment options to her services. She has a passion for essential oils and aromatherapy in general, and lives a very environmentally friendly life.

Contact info: phone 226-228-3215 email:                                                  


Jennifer Elliot O.B.T, C.H.H.P               

Shiatsu, Acupressure and Energy Therapist, details to come Starting at this location November 2nd 2018.

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